Say goodbye to your money worries with a pre-settlement legal funding from your workers’ comp lawsuit!

You’ve been injured at work and now your employer is fighting your workers’ comp case. Seriously? Don’t you have enough to worry about? You can’t work so the bills go unpaid, let alone the stress it’s causing you and your family. Well, did you know that you can apply to get money from your workers’ comp case before it settles? You can, with a pre-settlement legal funding from Looking Glass Legal. Money now to pay those daily and monthly expenses while you wait for your case to resolve. Expenses like rent/mortgage, utility bills, car payments, school, medical bills, etc. You can use the money for really anything – there are no restrictions. In all likelihood you’re going to win your workers’ comp case. Sure, nothing is certain, but the fact that an attorney is willing to fight your case tells you there is merit, and while the amount you may be awarded is unknown, well, it is worth something. Now you may not know it, but you can actually get a part of that future settlement award from your workers’ comp case before it settles.

Looking Glass helped me pay my bills after the surgery I just had!

A. Young, TX

How? Through a pre-settlement legal funding. It isn’t a loan, although you may have heard the term lawsuit loan. Think of it as cash in advance of your award. Looking Glass Legal can “buy” a part of your settlement from you. You get the cash you need, and we get paid when you win your case.

What if you don’t win your case? We’ve got you covered. You see a legal funding from Looking Glass is “non-recourse,” which means if you don’t win your case, you do not have to pay us back… there is no fine print, or hidden clause… if you don’t win you don’t pay us back. There really is no risk to you.

Also, here at Looking Glass Legal, we don’t require any background checks, and your credit score doesn’t matter, and there are no monthly payments – we get paid when your case settles – so we don’t add to your worries.

The application to see if you qualify for a legal funding is also absolutely free, and there is no obligation if you change your mind after you apply and are approved.

So call now! 1-800-730-4313.