Your slip & fall lawsuit may be eligible for a pre-settlement legal funding, that’s cash before your lawsuit settles.

We don’t have to tell you that a slip & fall injury can cause serious, sometimes long-term injuries. The result is often a personal injury lawsuit that may take a while to settle, meanwhile you’re left with challenges you didn’t bargain for. How do you afford to maintain your lifestyle if your injuries left you unable to earn a decent income? You may not know it, but your slip and fall lawsuit may be eligible for a pre-settlement legal funding from Looking Glass Legal, and that means cash to you before your case settles. If you’re looking for ways to get cash to help you with your bills, but are running out of options, your lawsuit could be the unlikely source. The future award from your lawsuit can be a resource to get cash today, even though winning your case may not be guaranteed. How’s that possible, you may ask? Like a loan, a pre-settlement legal funding let’s you get at some of the money today from the future settlement award, and is paid back when you win your case. You may even have heard it called a “lawsuit loan.” However, it isn’t a loan because there are no monthly payments, no compounding interest, and if you lose your case and have nothing to pay it back – you don’t. That’s right, if you lose your case you owe Looking Glass Legal absolutely nothing. Do you need help paying medical bills, a mortgage or rent, school expenses, utility bills, car payments, etc? Then a pre-settlement legal funding can be the answer. Cash to help you now.
Looking Glass helped me pay my bills after the surgery I just had!
A. Young, TX

Sound too good to be true? Well, while there is no risk, there is a cost when your case finally settles. That amount will depend on how long it takes for your case to settle. But there are other benefits to a legal funding. Benefits like;

As mentioned, no monthly payments to burden your financial situation,

Your credit score doesn’t matter,

There are no background checks,

There are no hidden fees,

If you need additional cash after your first funding, you may qualify for more.

Give us a call to see if you qualify for a no-risk legal funding. The application is free and the call only takes a few minutes. We will answer any questions you may have regarding the process, pricing, and anything else.

Oh, and did we mention we can get cash to you fast? Once your application is approved, we can send you the money within 24 hours… sometimes the very same day. At Looking Glass Legal we work overtime to make sure you’re taken care of.

Call us at 1-800-730-4313. Or, you can begin the application right here on our website! Remember, the application is free and there is no obligation! Call now or simply start by completing the application on this page.