A pre-settlement legal funding doesn’t have to expensive – but how much depends on who you choose.

The cost of a pre-settlement legal funding should be straightforward and easy to understand. How much you are charged will depend on how well you understand the company’s pricing schedule; their base pricing, their additional fees, and when and how often are they charged.

Don’t be afraid to really ask questions about pricing. If a company charges added fees, these can grow rapidly to make their funding much more expensive in the long run that what was originally expected.

Bottom line, first, for a legal funding you will be charged a base price. This base price will increase over time – the longer it takes to settle your case, the higher the base price. Why? Well, simply because in the legal arena the longer a case takes to settle usually means there is a greater risk that the case will be lost. Since most of the transactions are non-recourse and the legal funding company is at risk of losing their money, that risk will carry a higher price.

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A. Young, TX

Second, many companies will charge additional fees, such as an application fee, an underwriting fee, or other types of fees. These fees are wrong. Think of it like looking for a bank for a checking or savings account; some banks will charge monthly servicing fees, overdraft fees, ATM fees, and maybe require a minimum balance, other banks won’t charge any of these fees. All else being equal, why would you want to pay the added fees? As mentioned, make sure you ask to know all fees before you make a decision. Here at Looking Glass Legal, we no NOT charge any additional fees.

Pricing for a pre-settlement legal funding shouldn’t be a mystery, and you shouldn’t have to dig to discover any additional (perhaps hidden) costs.

Here at Looking Glass Legal we are up-front and transparent with our pricing. While we don’t publish our fees (mainly because we don’t want our competition seeing what we charge), we are more than happy to explain everything to you over the phone. We also clearly list all pricing in our agreement so they are easily understood. By the way, did we mention that we don’t charge any additional fees over the base pricing which makes us far more of a better deal.

Call us today at 1-800-730-4313, and we’ll explain everything in detail. Once you’re satisfied, we can complete your free application during the same phone call, and if you still want to think about it, there is no obligation