Looking for the very best pre-settlement legal funding company to work with?

The Principals and Staff at Looking Glass Legal have been in the pre-settlement legal funding business a long time (a combined 40+ years), and have worked with thousands of attorneys and law practices, large and small. While every firm is unique, when it comes to pre-settlement legal funding, all want great service and a fair price for their clients. Looking Glass Legal has got both. Our service is second to none when working with the law firms that represent those fighting a personal injury claim and looking for pre-settlement legal funding. You simply won’t find another funding company that is as easy to work with and is as dedicated as Looking Glass Legal. We will go that extra mile to do everything we can you accommodate your needs and those of your client.
Looking Glass helped me pay my bills after the surgery I just had!
A. Young, TX

When it comes to pricing, we are more than confident ours is extremely competitive, if not the absolute lowest available. In addition, we don’t charge the excessive fees that most other competitors charge. When comparing prices we urge you to compare the price of other companies in full – that means adding all costs; base price, plus all other additional service fees, like application, underwriting, and servicing fees. Then look at our fair and straight-forward pricing structure. Our “no added fees” model makes Looking Glass Legal the choice for all your clients.

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Looking Glass Legal – the Attorney’s choice for pre-settlement legal funding!