If you’re here, it’s because you’re a current or wannabe entrepreneur that needs a business idea. No, not a Silicon Valley, unicorn-to-be business. You’re looking for either a lifestyle business, or a business that you can grow from point A to B in 5-8 years, and exit comfortably.

Enter pre-settlement funding. I know how to start these businesses, and through a series of videos and blogs, I’ll tell you all about the relatively low barrier to entry that is involved with this line of business.

First, what is pre-settlement funding? Pre-settlement funding is a specialty finance field that allows companies or individuals to purchase a portion of the future value of a lawsuit. That sounds complicated, but it’s not. In a nutshell, it’s a way of providing financing to a person who has been in a personal injury lawsuit. I’ve funded cases in the past for wrongful death, workers’ compensation and employment cases as well. But in reality, personal injury is the bread and butter of this industry.

I’ll get into more complicated areas of running this type of business later on, but for now, I want to keep it really basic.

In a series of vlogs and blogs, I’ll also share the actual contracts and documents I have used in the past to build this type of business.

You might ask, “Why are you sharing the ins and outs of this industry?” Well, the main reason is because it’s a relatively unknown line of business.  Before 2016, I didn’t know that this industry existed. But there are always plenty of entrepreneurs that are looking to start businesses that are virtually guaranteed to take off and be sustainable as long as you have the right tools to generate business.

So, join me on this journey and learn how to build a pre-settlement funding business. It’s not that hard.